Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The George W Bush Public Domain Audio Archive

Here’s a cool website I found, thanks to .

The George W Bush Public Domain Audio Archive is a public domain database of the speeches of George W. Bush. Every phrase from each major speech has been made into an individual audio file, where the filename is, in most cases, the exact text content of the sample. This allows you to search the entire database for individual keywords. In the list of links below, "Individual files" links allow you to download a zip file containing the individual phrases. "Linear recording" links are an mp3 of the entire speech, which may be downloaded or streamed. In some cases,either the linear recording or the individual phrases are not available. The Bots have used this database to create the parody song Fuzzy Math. What you do with the database is up to you. Musicians, linguists, historians, media professionals, students and activists may all find this database to be of use. You are free to download and use these samples for any purpose, both non-commercial and commercial.

IF you want to see an inspired use of this type of material, check this version of George W. Bush singing the U2 song "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

That's the letter U and the number 2!

E.P. Wednesday, September 08, 2004