Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy V.D.!

In the spirit of the Hallmark holidays, here's a little graphic to share some "VD" with the ones you love.

I found this image at a website that digitized every single MAD magazine cover. It's worth noting that this is a Kelly Freas cover, not to be confused with Norman Mingo. When Freas died last month, a lot of mainstream media sources were posting Mingo art, stating that Freas was best known for painting Alfred E. Neuman, but they didn't even bother to show his work. They could have shown his science-fiction paintings, or even that Queen album cover, but I guess it was just easier to show a generic picture of the goofy-looking kid.

What's really cool about this particular MAD magazine fan site is that they've documented the FBI investigation of the magazine . It's really quite an eye-opener! At least the FBI wasn't spending ALL their time investigating LOUIE LOUIE and Groucho Marx!

Anyways, check it out- a great site!
E.P. Monday, February 14, 2005