Sunday, April 20, 2003

For many people, G.W. Bush's strength is the way he handles the military. If more people knew the details of how President Bush supports veterans' basic needs, they'd probably be very, very disgusted.

In a time when our brave men and women in the military are putting their asses on the line to fight this battle, the Republican administration wants to cut health care benefits to the veterans by $15 billion over 10 years, starting with $463 million next year. Anyone familiar with the Veterans Administration knows this program is already seriously underfunded. While many angry conservatives are still bitching about the way President Clinton reduced the budget for the military, they will conveniently forget that Clinton actually increased benefits and pay for veterans with the Veterans Programs Enhancement Act of 1998.

So much for "supporting our troops." Send 'em off to war, and then limit their health care benefits.

I found a very enlightening article that brings up these details at the online version of the Seattle Weekly. If this article makes you as angry as it makes me, then you should forward this to others.... especially to all veterans that vote.

April 9 - 15, 2003
"The War: Crippled Home Front "
E.P. Sunday, April 20, 2003