Friday, October 22, 2004

Suggestions for a Home Film Fest

I love my DVDs. I love watching 'em. I love assembling 'em. I love trading DVDs.

For the past year and a half, I've been producing DVDs for Democracy. First, I produced DVDs for the Howard Dean campaign, and now I'm doing some stuff for the John Kerry campaign. If anyone needs a DVD to convince folks that we can have a better government that what's in place, I'll be happy to share what I have.

I enjoy trading DVDs with different folks. Sometimes when I see someone offering a DVD that looks like something I might enjoy, I might send an email to see if they're interested in trading. When I heard about the film " BUSH'S BRAIN," I knew it would be something I'd be interested in. I was glad that someone dared to document the relationship George W. Bush has with his advisor Karl Rove, so I sent an email to see if we could do a trade. I didn't hear anything back from the BushBrain people, so I figured they weren't interested.

On Wednesday, I went to Costo to stock on up on videotape, bulk foods, and semi-cheap gasoline. I saw a great deal on a Frankenstein DVD box set, featuring 5 movies for $18.99. As far as I'm concerned, "BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN" with Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchaster is one of the greatest motion pictures ever made, so I decided to make the plunge.

When I went to my post office box that day, I discovered that I had received a DVD of "BUSH'S BRAIN," What a wonderful surprise

So, I'm thinking FRANKENSTEIN and BUSH'S BRAIN would probably make a fun double feature.

Popcorn, anyone?

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My big thanks to for providing me with this wonderful collection to my DVD library. Support these guys, OK?

E.P. Friday, October 22, 2004