Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Countdown 10-27-2004

It’s 6 days before the big election in America. Within a week, barring any electoral legal tie-up, we’ll find out if the country will validate the presidency of George W. Bush.

What amazes me is how so many otherwise intelligent people are perfectly willing to accept some massive lies to justify some major mistakes. They believe the mis-statements about Iraq working closely with BinLaden to attack America despite the fact that every accountable source has proven that it just isn’t so. The same people were so eager to send soldiers to stop the “weapons of mass destructions” that were also proven to be a massive falsehood. The main reason for attacking Iraq was been changed to something about “liberating the people,” which is a major U-turn from the original “WMD” justification.

Many of these people will only pay attention to select news sources that they are comfortable with. If they like the basic premises presented by these organizations, they are more likely accept a lie if it justifies their initial reasonings.

Brainwash is an acutely focused form of mind control. It’s been demonstrated that prisoners of war can be tortured to a submissive state where they become convinced to believe in the lies that have been force fed upon them, which they are trained to regurgitate on command.

Not every form of brainwash is so blatant. Some of the most effective brainwashing works on very subtle levels. Like a tired old bird that settles in the relaxing whirlpool after an exhaustive day of work, the bird doesn’t realize that it’s been fed a diet of deceptive diversions designed to distract one from realizing that the whirlpool is actually set for a slow boil. As the bird settles into a comfortable slumber, it doesn’t realize it’s been cooked until it’s too late.

It’s painful to accept that the people that you’ve believed in could ever deliberately lie about the important matters of life and death. You want to believe in the basic goodness of the people that seem to reflect your values. You want to believe in your own initial gut reaction, and that certain people are basically well-intentioned individuals.

Perhaps, the opponent did something that affected you on a very personal level. They cut you off in the parking lot when you tried to buy groceries. They dated the cute girl that rejected you in high school. They made snide remarks about someone that you didn’t think was very appropriate. Whatever the case, you absolutely hate this person, and if you had the chance, you told yourself you would never, ever give this person any power than they already have.

So here you are in 2004, trying to choose between two very different people. One person was completely irresponsible in maintaining a balanced budget created an extremely dangerous situation that killed tens of thousands of people, and refuses to acknowledge certain scientific evidence that may run contrary to his agenda. Despite all this, you still like this person because he seems more like the person you’d support, even thou his actual track record is quite dismal.

The other person isn’t always as consistent as you’d like, as they seem to fluctuate on certain decisions. You don’t like gray areas, and you believe that most things can be simplified to black and white issues. A long time ago, this person might have done something that you didn’t appreciate, and you still can’t past certain moments in the past. You discredit whatever good things this person might have done because you’re already decided that this person is your enemy.

It’s difficult to live a lie, and admit deception. Instead, you change the original plan, and find another excuse to attack the opponent. The old justification doesn’t work anymore, so you find a new reason.

It’s been said that America chooses it’s leaders as it would choose a drinking partner.

In the end, this country would be in much better shape if we voted for a designated driver instead. We need a driver that pays attention to the gas gauge, has a better understanding of the road, and isn’t afraid to read a roadmap every now and then.

May America vote for a more accountable government on November 2nd.
E.P. Wednesday, October 27, 2004