Thursday, August 26, 2004

Rant in your Undies!

If there was ever one contest that seemed appropriate to mention on this little blogsite, this is it. I just hope they don’t post the contestants in that awful Windows Media format….

* * * * * * *

The Nerve Amateur Video Contest Presents "Rant in Your Undies 2004"

CONTEST THEME: Film a one-minute-or-shorter video that includes someone ranting in his or her underwear.

Nerve will award $1,200 in prizes to the best rants! The top 15 rants will appear on our website.

Have something to say to George Bush? Want Kerry to talk more about healthcare? Think there should be better toys inside boxes of Frosted Flakes? Whatever you're angry about, the best way to get attention is to scream like hell in your undies.


Win $500 First Place!
Win $100 Second Place
Win $100 Third Place

Win $500 Audience Award

Click here for information on how to enter:

Click here to watch the entries from the last Nerve video contest:

E.P. Thursday, August 26, 2004