Sunday, August 08, 2004

JibJab and Folk Uke

That JibJab "This Land is Your Land" song parody is getting a lot of attention, as it provides some bi-partisan election humor. Ludlow Music, the company that owns the rights to the original song threatened to sue the folks that created this parody. What folks should be asking is "What would Woody Guthrie think of this parody?"

Now, obviously Woody's not about to make any statements right now, as he's too busy being dead, but Woody's family has an opinion on the parody, as expressed by Woody's granddaughter, Cathy at

From this link, I found out about Cathy's duo with Amy Nelson, whose dad is a guy named Willie. They call themselves Folk Uke, and luckily, they too have a website. When you go to the site, you can hear an adorable little song called "Shit Makes the Flowers Grow."

And if you want to download the song sample directly to your computer, here's the invisible link:

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E.P. Sunday, August 08, 2004