Friday, August 20, 2004

A Guide to the Swift Veterans

Today, the New York Times published an excellent article on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Deception. You can read this article by going to this link:

What I especially found interesting was the visual flowchart that documents the links between the people behind this group and George W. Bush. Did you know that John O’Neill, the main spokesman of this group was married to a woman that was appointed to the Texas State Court of Appeals by then-Governor George W. Bush? One of John O’Neill’s law partners was a paid counsel to Governor Bush that was hired as President Bush to the position of deputy counsel to the Department of Commerce? Harlan Crow, one of the other top dogs at the Swift Boat Veterans is a trustee for Daddy Bush’s official Library Foundation? Neither did I.

You can download this flowchart at

If this link doesn’t work, then you can also download the flowchart at a MIRROR SITE .

There’s another great resource for disseminating the TRUTH of these deceitful Swift Veterans. It’s THE DAILY SHOW, which airs on Comedy Central. You can see an excellent clip titled “Vet Offensive” in the RealMedia format (ack!) at this OFFICIAL COMEDY CENTRAL LINK .

or you can download a QuickTime version of the same program at this ALTERNATIVE LINK .

E.P. Friday, August 20, 2004