Friday, July 30, 2004

Forward with John Kerry

Whew! What a convention! I'm so very glad that John Kerry delivered the best speech of his life at the Boston convention, complimented by some excellent speeches by his wife Teresa, his daughters, his step-sons, his veteran buddies, and some energized Democrats. The short documentary produced by one of Steven Spielberg's comrades provided a nice cinematic overview of his life.

Today, I will put a John Kerry bumper sticker on my car. It's time to share my solidarity with the man that should be president. While I don't think it will make much difference in the enlightened region of Northern California that's already committed to getting rid of GW, it feels right for me to do this.

In Boston, there's an art gallery featuring a retrospective of John Kerry's life, as photographed by film director George Butler. Luckily, there's an online edition of this exhibit so folks don't need to travel to this city to see these images. I believe this exhibit may end on July 31st, so view it now while you still can.

Those of you subscribing to MoveOn emails already know about the John Kerry Kit with the DVD that features an excerpt from George Butler's upcoming Kerry documentary. I love the price of this package- ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Of course, until we have verifiable voting legislation in place, then all efforts to elect a better president will be absolutely useless. Have you called Robert Ney or Trent Lott to demand action in the Congress yet? Here’s a postcard reminder from that you can freely share with others:

Lastly, I just discovered a funny little piece of parody called "Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis." For those that have a problem with naughty words, don't bother checking this out, as you may be offended by strong language. Everybody else can laugh like a monkey. This is good stuff!

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E.P. Friday, July 30, 2004