Monday, June 28, 2004

Pork A-Plenty
Congress is acting like a drunken sailor.

As this website is indeed a “fair and balanced” source of information, I am happy to share some words from National Review, a leading conservative publication:

You might expect conservatives to be upset by the massive pork barrel that rolled through Congress last week disguised as a tax-reform bill. Many are. Daniel J. Mitchell of the Heritage Foundation lamented " a missed opportunity ." Citizens Against Government Waste labeled it a " corporate welfare giveaway ." And Taxpayers for Common Sense, the Yosemite Sam of the tax-reform movement, called the bill a "platinum-plated pig" full of "gift-wrapped giveaways" like a "hydra-headed K-Street wish list."

Conservatives are angry because the corporate-tax bill, which started as a measure to repeal $5 billion in annual U.S. export subsidies and stave off a trade war with Europe, somehow turned into a hundred-billion-dollar bonanza for special interests. The Bush administration provided no leadership as Congress loaded the bill with tax credits like the following:

$169 million for Puerto Rican rum
$9 million for archery products
$35 million for fishing-tackle boxes
The elimination of taxes on whaling

Like every American, I enjoy getting drunk and going fishing for whales with my bow and arrows. Budget discipline clearly isn't a priority of this administration, so why pretend it will get tough on frivolous measures like these?

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E.P. Monday, June 28, 2004