Monday, April 19, 2004

Rock Against Bush CD + DVD

Here's a message from my friend Kimmy of DIY Politics about a new "Rock Against Bush" CD+DVD package. I love the idea that for less than $10, you can get a rockin' CD, and a DVD that includes two documentaries- "Uncovered" and "Unprecedented" plus some MoveOn commercials.

If you do want to buy it, I encourage you to buy it the very first week, just to drive up those all-important music industry statistics.

- EP

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Rock Against Bush Vol 1 is being released in record stores nationwide this week and will send a strong message to the White House that - even the 'punk rock' community is uniting to take Back America! Let's get this CD to the number one spot so we can draw major attention to it. We can finally use the charts for something!! Send a clear message to the White House!

The CD features 26 of the most influential rock bands inAmericaright now uniting mainstream and underground rock to speak out against the Bush Administration.  Bands like Ministry, NOFX, Social Distortion, Descendents,  and many more.  This compilation includes 15 unreleased songs for the true music fan's enjoyment! This CD aims to inspire and enrage the young audience and comes packaged with a bonus DVD that includes tons of factualinformation and several music videos. It includes trailers music videos and political documentary trailers and even a piece from Grammy-nominated comedian David Cross

Fat Wreck Chords also included MoveOn promoted documentaries "Uncovered" and "Unprecedented", and even included the five winning commercials from MoveOn’s Bush-in-30-Seconds campaign.

This compilation is supported by, FatMikefrom NOFX's voter education organization. is made up of over 200 of the largest punk bands in the country including, Green Day, Offspring, Less Than Jake, Bad Religion, and Pennywise.  Punkvoter is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing grassroots coalitions of punk bands, punk labels, and most importantly, punk fans uniting in opposition to the policies of the Bush Administration.  For more information visit

With your help –Rock Against Bush will climb up the billboard charts and reiterate our message in another part of American culture – that America is taking action in every part of our society!

Please buy this CD/DVD set for that special music fan in your life this week! 

It is at record stores everywhere

or sells for $6.00 at Fat Wreck Chords:

Or 9.98 at

For more info on Rock Against Bush Vol. I, and to hear samples view this e-card:

Help Rock Against Bush! 

E.P. Monday, April 19, 2004