Monday, February 02, 2004

A Short History Lesson of a BAD GUY

Eric Blumrich of BushFlash created an excellent shockwave movie that provided an excellent historic overview of a famous "evil-doer."


Remember, over 8,000 Iraqis and 500 American soldiers were killed because of threats of "weapons of mass destruction." As the weapons couldn't be found, the motive was changed to something else to justify this war.

I personally don't see how any intelligent person could ever justify this war.

According to Daily Kos things are not getting any better in Iraq:

January turned out to be the second-deadliest month since "major combat operations" ceased, to be replaced with -- our troops in the field were glad to hear it -- "minor" combat operations. We lost 45 soldiers to Bush's folly, and the Brits another five. 196 US soldiers were wounded.

Is this how we get rid of terrorism? Do we shake up the hornet's nest in order to avoid getting stung?

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E.P. Monday, February 02, 2004