Friday, February 27, 2004

February musings on Howard Dean

With less than 4 days before the Super Tuesday primaries, people are still talking about presidential candidate Howard Dean. I found two articles that provide some interesting overviews of what really happened to his campaign:

How the Dems Did In Howard Dean
By Ciro Scotti, Business Week

The Kerry Cascade- How a '50s psychology experiment can explain the Democratic primaries.
By Duncan Watts, Slate

What most people aren’t aware of is that voters participating in the upcoming primaries can still vote for Howard Dean, and there are some excellent reasons why they should.

To quote Governor Dean: "We are still on the ballots. Sending delegates to the convention only continues to energize our party. Fight on in the caucuses. Use your network to send progressive delegates to the convention in Boston. We are not going away. We are staying together, unified - all of us."

We have a decent shot of sending some Dean delegates to the convention in Boston: if a congressional district gets more than 15% of the vote for a candidate, he gets representation at the party convention.

There will be plenty of time to fall in line and support the Democratic nominee after the convention. In November, we'll all be voting to defeat Bush. But in March, vote your convictions and send a powerful message to the Democratic Party.

While the official Dean For America campaign might have stopped, there are still some grassroots activists working very hard for Dean delegates. The folks over at have created a series of radio commercials that are being aired on various commercial and community radio stations. You can hear these commercials at:

Over at North Bay, there’s an excellent flyer that can be customized for different locations.

Right before the infamous “I Have a Scream” speech, I had just finished my own mini-documentary entitled “Howard Dean- Grassroots Gladiator.” This film was premiered in conjunction with the California Democratic convention in San Jose, one day before the Iowa primary.

VIEW Howard Dean- Grassroots Gladiator

Regardless of Dean’s presidential campaign status, there’s no denying that his candidacy has motivated thousands of American citizens to get involved with the political process. In the aftermath of the campaign, there have been some new organizations emerging to continue the massive grassroots activism.

Howard Dean’s old campaign manager, Joe Trippi has started a new organization called Change for America, using many core members of his original internet team.

Gnetwork is an umbrella group, formed by some members of DeanLeaders , of national grassroots organizations actively working across America to advance and extend the agenda of Howard Dean to: (1) Take back the White House from George Bush, (2) Remove corporate special interest money and influence from our electoral and governance processes, (3) Revitalize the Democratic Party, and (4) Reclaim the media and infuse it with the voice of the people.

Howard Dean himself will be launching his own organization, which will be tentatively known as “Democracy, Freedom, Action” using the D.F.A. abbreviation used by his DeanForAmerica team. The official announcement will take place on March 18th.

Dean For America

Either way, the Howard Dean supporters aren’t going away.

We’re just getting started……
E.P. Friday, February 27, 2004