Thursday, December 18, 2003

Bush Economics Explained and the Saddam Situation

One of the biggest criticisms I've heard about Howard Dean is the idea he's going to raise taxes, and create a bigger government, with more entitlements for the welfare state.

To those people, I've got this mesage: Under the George W. Bush administration, we've got the largest government in the history of America, and his handouts to his corporate buddies make standard welfare entitlements look like pennies in comparison. You can deny all you want, and you can recycle some partisan rhetoric B.S., but the facts speak for themselves.

This month, Howard Dean and his staff created an excellent brochure that borrows from the principle themes that Thomas Paine used over 200 years ago during the revolutuionary war. The brochure is called "Common Sense for a New Century", and it features a lot of solid information. Here's one paragraph that I found especially intriguing:

"In the last six years, despite massive corporate scandals and the crash of the NASDAQ, the financial services industry managed to find almost $168 million to influence the political process. A pharmaceutical and health products industry that can't afford to sell our seniors cheaper prescription drugs did manage to find $60 million to influence our elections. And the national debt has exploded to the point where it will cost the median American family $26,000 - because the president ran up the largest deficit in the history of our country in order to pass $3 trillion worth of tax cuts tilted toward his campaign contributors."

Now, think about the serious implications of this- the national debt has exploded to the point where it will cost the median American family $26,000. And with all that money we've spent for your government, we STILL don't have guaranted health care!!!

This COMMON SENSE pamphlet by Howard Dean makes a lot of good points. I encourage everyone to download a copy at:

You will do yourself, AND your country a favor if you read this brochure thoroughly. The United States of America could use a lot more common sense these days.

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The Iraq situation is still a mess. Yes, Saddam Hussein was a miserable individual, and I'm glad he's been contained, but that doesn't change the basic facts. We've spent $168 billion to get rid of someone that had NO proven connection with Al Queda, Osama Bin Laden, and the tragedy of September 2001. We've been lied to by the Bush administration, and we've spent a lot of money that could have been used to improve domestic security.

William Rivers Pitt provided an excellent overview in his article "We Caught The Wrong Guy" for Here's a few prime excerpts:

"There will be no trial for Hussein, at least nothing in public, because he might start shouting about the back pay he is owed from his days as an employee of the American government. Because another former employee of the American government named Osama is still alive and free, our troops are still in mortal danger in Iraq."

"Hussein was never a threat to the United States. His capture means nothing to the safety and security of the American people. The money we spent to put the bag on him might have gone towards capturing bin Laden, who is a threat, but that did not happen. We can be happy for the people of Iraq, because their Hussein problem is over. Here in America, our Hussein problem is just beginning. The other problem, that Osama fellow we should have been trying to capture this whole time, remains perched over our door like the raven."

You can read the rest of the article at:

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E.P. Thursday, December 18, 2003