Friday, November 28, 2003

An August Surprise
by Michael Cudahy

Bush: Vice-President Cheney to Step Down
Giuliani to Join Republican Ticket
The Associated Press Thursday, August 26, 2004; 11:49 AM  

WASHINGTON -- A somber President George Bush said today, in an emotional Rose Garden press conference, that Vice-President Dick Cheney has asked to be replaced on the Republican ticket due to health reasons.

With the Vice-President at his side, the President said that Cheney's health had to come before all other considerations. He thanked him for the selfless contributions he had made to his administration, and to the country, and wished him a calm and healthy retirement.

Bush said that he had asked former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to join him on the Republican ticket, and that Giuliani had accepted. The President said that he was confident that his party's delegates would confirm his choice of Giuliani as Vice-President when they convened next week in New York for the 2004 Republican National Convention.


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E.P. Friday, November 28, 2003