Saturday, October 25, 2003

People-Power Graphics AND Verifiable Voting

My hat is off to the People-Powered-Graphics website. They are blowing my mind with outrageous images for the Howard Dean campaign. I really love this "Soylent Dean" image- "In a world where corporate fat-cats and politicians only serve themselves, voters are hungry for change!"

I recently discovered the folks behind People-Powered-Graphics have their blog, which is called The People-Powered-Graphics Live Journal. There's one item in the blog that really grabbed my attention. It's a subject I've writen about in these pages, but it's one that I cannot over-emphasize:

Aimee (in the comments) mentioned that Rush Holt has introduced legislation requiring all voting machines to produce a voter-verified paper trail. Today I looked at and found the link to Congressman Holt's page about that bill:

Please check it out and pass it on.

Here is the page on Verified Voting where you can check to see if your state representatives have taken a stand on H.R. 2239, the Voter Confidence Act

It also tells what plans for upgrades of voting machines are in the works. Please become informed about this, share what you learn with others, write letters to congress members and the media. We are putting a lot of hard work into the Dean campaign right now, but we need to spend some time on this issue too, so that the votes for Dean will be counted.

Please BOOKMARK THE VERIFIED VOTING PAGES, and please share this link with friends in all 50 states. We need to take charge of this situation if we want an honest election.

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E.P. Saturday, October 25, 2003