Thursday, October 23, 2003

Fox vs. Fox (The Simpsons and Fox News)

With a tip of the hat to Mark Evanier of, I found this nugget of information by Jim Frisinger of the Dallas Morning News:

Fox News loves lawyers all right. Cartoonist and The Simpsons godfather Matt Groenig tells this story on Terry Gross' Fresh Air today (and repeated tonignt on KERA at 7 p.m.) Seems The Simpsons did a Fox News parody, including use of the news crawl on the cartoon segment. Fox News threatened to sue. (Sounds like Al Franken all over again.) The Simpsons stood firm. Fox News backed down. Mr. Groenig figured Fox mobul Rupert Murdoch saw no percentage in the suit: Fox News suing a program appearing on the Fox Network. Hmmm. But if I heard the interview correctly, you won't see any new episodes with the Fox News crawl under Homer and Bart's antics: as a policy matter the network asked the cartoon to drop the concept because viewers might be confused that they're watching real news. I did not make this up.

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This reminds me of the time when John Fogerty was signed to Warner Brothers Records, he put out a little animated music video for "Zantz Can't Dance." The video featuring a dancing pig that looked a lot like Porky Pig, and used a graphic reminscent of the old Looney Tunes logo. He got sued by Warner Brother Films.

Fogerty actually had some other legal problems regarding that song, but that's another story entirely...

Sidenote: Mark Evanier points out, it's "Matt Groening," not "Groenig."

As Homer would say.... "Dooh!"

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E.P. Thursday, October 23, 2003