Saturday, October 25, 2003

The Dilbert Weasel Awards

In the past week, cartoonist Scott Adams found a unique way to celebrate his vacation by inviting some of his favorite cartoonists to take over his Dilbert comic strip for a few days.

As I wandered over to the site to find the identities of these mystery cartoonists, I found out about the Dilbert Weasel Awards, where the Dilbert readers had a chance for vote on the Weaseliest Organization, the Weaseliest Country, Weaseliest Company, the Weaseliest Profession, the Weaseliest Individual, and the Weaseliest Behavior. The biggest winner of the Weaseliest Individual award was George W. Bush with 13,959 votes. The second place winner was Michael Moore, who received 5,104 votes. I'd call that a landslide!

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E.P. Saturday, October 25, 2003