Friday, October 03, 2003

Davey D on the California Recall

Davey D wrote some great words on the California Recall in his latest FNV Hip Hop Newsletter. Here's what he wrote:


As we draw closer to the October 7th voting date of the historic California Recall which features actor Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to unseat current Governor Gray Davis, a few things come to mind. First, where in the world are all the right wing critics who were leading the charge during the anti-war demonstrations, demanding that actors and celebrity types keep their mouths shut? I vividly recall how all this transpired just a few short months ago when everyone from actors, Ed Asner to Martin Sheen to Sean Penn to Tim Robbins to Janeane Garafalo were all being dissed, lambasted and uninvited from events for speaking about politics. Certainly you folks reading this haven't forgotten all that?

Here in Cali there were quite a few right wing types who pompously stood up and stated 'These celebrities need to keep out of politics and stick to acting'. A few short months later we have the 'Terminator' or the 'Gropalator' [if you're a woman] coming out and suddenly he's the best thing to happen since Ronald Reagan. Now suddenly its a good thing that an actor is running because he can connect the issues and 'be more relatable to the average ordinary folk on the street. Suddenly an actor running for office is a good thing because a guy like Arnold 'offers a fresh perspective and approach toward government'.

Remember guys like Arnold are no different then any other outspoken actor or celebrity. He's never held office or even run for office. So why are those right wing zealots who were so critical of Garafola and others bending over backwards for the Terminator? That's the 64 thousand dollar question I want an answer to...

Let me wrap this up by quoting my homegirl Rebecca Kaplan of the Green Party. She noted how 3 short years ago the far right wing spent millions of dollars and a significant amount of time trying to remove a 'pot smoking, womanizer' from the white house. When they impeached Bill Clinton, they made a really big to do about integrity and restoring character to high public office. Three years later these same people are spending millions of dollars and a significant amount of time trying to put a pot smoking, womanizer and groper into the Governor's seat in the largest state in the union and now its ok. As boxing promoter Don King likes to say 'Only in America'. Where are the Dixie Chicks when you need them?

Think about it
Davey D

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E.P. Friday, October 03, 2003