Thursday, October 09, 2003

Bush Swears He'll Hunt Down Osama and Saddam, But Says He Can't Find a Treasonous Betrayer in His Own Administration Because It's Too Big

Good ol' provided this interesting analysis on the Bush administration, courtesy of David Sirota:

The Bush Administration on finding Osama Bin Laden in Central Asia:

“We're going to hunt them down one at a time…it doesn't matter where they hide, as we work with our friends we will find them and bring them to justice.”
- President George W. Bush, 11/22/02

The Bush Administration on finding Saddam Hussein in the Mideast:

"We are continuing the pursuit and it's a matter of time before [Saddam] is found and brought to justice.”
- White House spokesman McClellan, 9/17/03

The Bush Administration on finding the leaker in the close confines of the White House:

“I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official. I don't have any idea.... This is a large administration, and there are a lot of senior administration officials”
- President George W. Bush, 10/7/03

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Help George W. Bush Reclaim Some Credibility! has taken this particular topic one step further. To quote an email sent to me today:

President Bush told the press on Tuesday that he doesn't "have any idea" whether the senior administration officials who blew a CIA operative's cover will ever be found. But if he just asked his staff to sign a legally binding affidavit confirming that they weren't involved, and referred anyone who wouldn't to the FBI, it's possible he could flush out the perpetrators in a day. To date, the President hasn't even discussed this matter with his staff.

We've already done the President's homework for him by writing the affidavit. Now let's show him how easy it is for innocent people to legally declare their innocence. You can sign the affidavit and send it to the President in under a minute by going to:

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