Friday, October 03, 2003

Bill of Rights for a New Generation

Howard Dean has once again raised the bar for all presidential candidates with a new national petition. As he kicked off his "Raise the Roots" tour in Washington, here's what he's proposing in conjunction with Generation Dean:


We the undersigned, in order to restore the ideals upon which America was founded, call upon our nation's leaders to honor the following rights:

1. The right to be free from national debt

2. The right to be free from government surveillance and unwarranted suspicion of American citizens

3. The right to a government of, by and for the people, free from the influence of special interests

4. The right to a quality education

5. The right to patriotic dissent

6. The right to a government which deals honorably with other nations

7. The right to leadership which does not operate in secrecy

8. The right to know the truth about the commander-in-chief's reasons for sending our troops in harm's way

9. The right to a government which works for the benefit of all its citizens, and not only for those who have the most

10. The right to leadership which seeks to form a more perfect union -- and does not divide its people by race, by gender, by income or by sexual orientation

If you agree with this petition, I encourage you to add your name, and share this idea with your friends.

For more information about Howard Dean, be sure to check out the DeanForAmerica homepage DeanForAmerica homepage, the official Howard Dean blog. official Howard Dean blog, and the new Generation Dean webpage .

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E.P. Friday, October 03, 2003