Thursday, September 11, 2003

Remembering, Re-remembering, and Reinventing

What happened two years ago can never be forgotten. Someone once said that comedy is merely tragedy plus time, but I can't imagine any scenario where this event could ever be considered funny. It was the darkest, scariest moment in my life, and it was the only time I've ever known when America truly came together as one community. To see such a vicious attack on so many people was something we did not expect. We shared many tears for the thousands of people that never knew what hit them.

As this attack was something that emerged out of political and religious differences with a group of extremists from the Middle East, it's naive to think that politics are irrelevant to this issue. This attack was a wake-up call to strengthen our security systems, pay attention to the growing cancer of discontent in the Middle East, and recognize that life itself is so very precious. I could provide a lot of links that would support my belief that our current administration is the most dangerous government this country has ever seen, but today is not the day I want to type up those types of words.

Instead, I send out a prayer, a wish, and a heartfelt plea that all Americans keep their eyes, ears, and brain matter open to the concept of TRUTH, even it's not always what they want to hear.

My friend Gary Rhine brought up some interesting points in his Rhino's Blog that I really wanted to share:

What lengths are world leaders willing to go to, to have the stories they want told, true or not, get out? And what lengths are they willing to go to, to have the stories they don't want out, get buried? Would they bribe a journalist? Would they threaten him/her? Would they ruin a reputation? Would they falsely accuse & detain? Would they kill? What about an entire network or publication; would they shut it down? Would they blow it up? It's all been done before in the cause of censorship.

But now, Karl Rove has a new trick. Just make up a story about our currently embattled President; make him smart & courageous & even sexy. Show it to the voters on TV, where they go to get hypnotized.

Actually it's been done before too. Remember "Mississippi Burning?" The flick in which the FBI agents were the good guys fighting against the racist Southerners. Or "Thunderheart", where one rogue FBI agent in cahoots with some vigilante Indians was the cause of all the killing that went on in the 1970's at Pine Ridge. They call it revisionist history.

But with the upcoming cable movie about shrub's actions in the days following 9/11/01, you can be sure that the feasibility & believability factors which. screenwriters usually toil with, will have been loosened way up figuring that most Americans will be too comfortable in their couches to question.

There's an old saying that the truth will set you free. I hope more Americans are ready for true freedom. Lies do not provide good political policy. In fact, they're damned dangerous.

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E.P. Thursday, September 11, 2003