Thursday, August 14, 2003

More Depressing Mega-Merger News

According to a Washington Post article dated August 10, 2003:

"Executives and employees of companies seeking federal approval of a controversial merger that would create a Republican-controlled Hispanic media giant are pouring contributions into President Bush's reelection campaign.

If approved, the merger of Univision Communications Inc. and the Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. would give one firm as much as 80 percent of the Hispanic television and radio audience in many of the nation's large markets. Major participants in the proposed $2.8 billion merger -- pending before the Federal Communications Commission -- include individuals and corporations that have played central roles in Bush's business and political career."

This is really awful news, and I hope U.S. citizens petition the F.C.C. in record numbers to halt this merger. If you are angered by this news, I encourage you to send email to each of the five commisisoners to voice your disapproval.
E.P. Thursday, August 14, 2003