Sunday, August 03, 2003

Bush Vacations, Asks Americans to Work Harder for Less

While George W. Bush takes the entire month of August off in Texas, the Bush Administration is seeking to eliminate the right of more than 8 million American workers to receive overtime pay. While Bush rests in Texas, millions of Americans are spending a sleepless summer worrying about their jobs, their paychecks and the economy.

At Howard Dean's BlogForAmerica site, you can sign a petition telling the Bush Administration that Americans deserve fair pay for more than a full day's work and to support efforts by Sen. Tom Harkin and others to protect overtime pay for Americans.

After you sign the petition, you can follow the link to the AFL-CIO website and stand up with workers all across this country by sending a message to Congress to stop this Administration's attack on America's workers. aka " Blog For America "
E.P. Sunday, August 03, 2003