Thursday, May 08, 2003

I love watching politics. Some folks get excited over watching their favorite sports team, but for me, I find bigger thrills watching idealistic policy wonks engage in verbal battles against the stuffy bureaucrats. I'll take a rumble of words any day when you have real mavericks that aren't afraid to take chances.

Which is exactly why I like Howard Dean. He's doing his part to annoy fellow politicians by forcing them to address their own political deficiencies. Like Harry Truman, he's not out to "give 'em hell," but merely tell it like it is. Focus on the issues, talk about the problems, and offer a realistic solution.

Last week, President G.W. Bush began his re-election campaign with an impressive display of military force onboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier. Arriving in a military jet, wearing military garb, and then presenting a presidential address in front of hundreds of military personnel, President Bush couldn't ask for a better photo opportunity. This was the type of imagery that reminded me of Hal Riney's great "Morning in America" campaign for presidential candidate Ronald Reagan in 1980.

With this type of imagery, it would be easy to forget that G.W. Bush actually went AWOL for 18 months during his time with the National Guard Service in the 1970s. It's easier to ignore the history of this fortunate son of a congressman somehow escaped Vietnam duty. No other president has worn military clothing during their time in office. Even presidents with actual military experience didn't resort to this type of symbolism.

As it turns out, the whole event turned out be an extremely expensive photo op. Congress Representative Henry Waxman is demanding the administration account for the costs of Bush's stunt landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln. It's been estimated that this little demonstration cost the taxpayers one million dollars.

Check out this Los Angeles Times article for this story..

I stumbled upon an image of G.W. Bush that made me laugh. I don't who created this image, or where it came from, but I love it.

In a move designed to antagonize Republicans, a group of progressive pranksters have started a new campaign called the "I Support Our Fake President." Their website describes the purpose of their organization:

"Our goal is to get a whole bunch of people to start to refer to GWB as the Fake President, to call attention to the wrongness of him and the goodness of Democracy. Someday, we hope to make 'The Fake President' his accepted nickname."

So, if you feel like driving a Republican crazy, start using this phrase in their presence! It'll drive 'em NUTS!

I Support Our Fake

Another good phrase that gave me a chuckle was
"Selected not Elected, He’s Not My President, Resident Bush!"

E.P. Thursday, May 08, 2003