Tuesday, April 29, 2003

One of the best syndicated cartoonists is my pal Keith Knight, who has the strip "K-Chronicles" which is seen at Salon.com among other places, and a single panel strip called "(th)ink" which I enjoy reading in the San Jose Metro weekly paper. Keith is a super-talented writer-artist that moonlights in a little band called the Marginal Prophets. So far, Keith has never failed to make me laugh with his work, and that says a lot! You can always find out what Keith is up by going to his kchronicles.com website.

Last month, he had one particular cartoon that summed up what I felt about the Bush war. I was hoping it would be posted somewhere in the internet universe, but it's not, so I decided to just to post it myself. ENJOY!

E.P. Tuesday, April 29, 2003