Sunday, April 27, 2003

From my favorite Bruhaha at Bitchwick comes this news report of a rather inspired pro-war protest in Milwaukee. Who said irony is dead? HA!

Mock Pro-War Rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With the anti-war movement in Milwaukee lacking a significant and consistent showing, when the Milwaukee police department tickets motorists who drive by anti-war rallies and honk in support of the protesters, in a time when the war is televised like a sporting event, a small group of Milwaukee artists, musicians, and outcasts decided to stage a mock pro-war rally to subvert the right.

The street theater action was committed on April 4th in near-blizzard conditions when 20 "fanatical pro-war" supporters occupied the opposite side of the downtown street to rally in support of the war and oppose of the peace activists who gather every Friday for the weekly peace vigils.

The 20 "pro-war" supporters dressed in suits, waved American Flags, chanted slogans in fierce support of war, death, and killing. Rush hour traffic drove by and honked in approval to the flags and signs that read: "Freedom Is The Enemy", "Bomb My Car", "Get A Brain Morans", "Iraq Out Of Iraq", "Draft My Child", "Send Our Infants", "Soccer Moms For Blood", "I Want More Meat", "War Is Peace", "I'm Pro-Life And Pro-Death", "Stop Reporting The Facts", "Peace Is For The Afterlife", "Bush Is The Savior", "This Is No Time For Thinking", "Pro-Bush Lesbian", and "Ask Me About My Baby Killing Honor Student" among other slogans.

Before the event the local media were called and told about the "Clear Channel" sponsored pro-war rally. The reporters failed to get an interview from the pro-war fanatics because every time they approached the demonstrators they chanted "Boycott The Liberal Media!".

The riot cops were very confused by the heartfelt chants of "We Love The Police State!".

And the anti-war protesters were perplexed by the "All We Are Saying Is Give Death A Chance" chorus.

A few on-lookers with their jaws dropped may indeed never visit Milwaukee again, but all told the "Pro-War" reaction was a smashing success that demonstrates the kind of gung-ho patriotism that would make George W. proud.

E.P. Sunday, April 27, 2003